During the plague Midgardsblot was approached by the Horten based business Jobbintro for a unique collaboration. Since our pledge to make more sustainable merch, we decided to visit the factory. It was an easy decision to make, after we saw how Jobbintro shows a genuine faith in the idea that everybody has talents and resources. Jobbintro assists with career guidance, skills development and job training, with a focus on making sustainable products. All their wool products come from Norwegian free-range sheep and the wool is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Svanemerket), which is the official sustainability ecolabel for products from the Nordic countries. In the small knitting factory Mosaikk you will find people with various challenges - physical or otherwise - who through collaboration produce the most beautiful things. The recipe is simple: Wool from sheep that has grazed on pure Norwegian mountain meadows, classic design and a solid dose of professional pride. The result is a unique Norwegian made wool product of the finest quality. At Midgardsblot we are proud to present this exclusive collection of wool products, including the Borre sweater and authentic viking hoods, designed and crafted especially for us by the fine people at Mosaikk!