Midgardsblot, Herbs & Hydro and DYRK have joined forces to reintroduce hemp, by sharing the ancient knowledge and shielding the memories of the most important, and yet forgotten plant here in Norway. Hemp - as a plant and as a product - is one of the most energy efficient resource we have.

In Scandinavia hemp dates back to the Viking Age and is most known for its use in sails and ropes. We are not going green, we are going dark green with solid waste management as a big part of the new business model. The Midgardsblot bars are designed to create less waste, as each bar replaces three plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, and don't contaminate water with microplastic. The bars are well balanced with cold pressed natural plant oils, including hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds, leaves, flowers, roots and extracts are all traditional food ingredients and food supplements that have been part of our diet for centuries. All parts of the plant were consumed. In fact, one of the oldest cookbooks shows a recipe for a health drink made of cannabis nectar. Wood tar was also well known amongst the Vikings. The Wood Tar shampoo and conditioner bars capture the spirit of Midgardsblot and the Vikings perfectly with its use of wood tar - the scent of bonfire as well as a bond with nature. The Blot bars do wonders for the hair and skin and also have disinfectant qualities, as well as functioning as an excellent bug repellent. What more can you ask for?